Hello, World!

Hi, there! I’m Ebony, a quiet and introspective illustrator with a vivid imagination who has loved drawing since childhood. 

Back then I'd make drawings of mermaids, fairies and princesses on any flat surface I could find. In my notebooks, on my homework, and even on my bedroom walls, you name it, and I'm quite sure I drew on it. I'd get lost in these fanciful worlds I had made for myself and after making these imaginary adventures come to life on paper, I'd find someone to give them to.  And even though my drawing content has expanded, I still enjoy drawing the same things as I did before...I guess some things will never change.

Now I create art and illustrations with a slightly different purpose.  I want to create enchanting imagery to help others bring their visions to life and to help put more smiles on grumpy faces.  I want to continue doing the one thing that I have always loved to do since I was a little girl, and that's making art.

So with this handy dandy blog, I will gladly share my journey as an illustrator and artist with you.  And no, I won't forget to tell you about the unexpected twists and turns I will experience.  

Oh yeah, I will definitely post more of my art, too.