Lessons Learned

I finally finished the winter cabin this past week!  It's now surrounded by trees, covered in snow, and nicely settled in its new home in a small, black frame. Unfortunately, I did encounter some challenges with this particular, paper illustration...  


I forgot how decisive you have to be with this medium.  For example, once you put the glue on and stick the paper down, there's no turning back unless you want to start over again.

Secondly, it helps to have a clear idea for the finished illustration.  I was constantly changing the vision I had for the cabin towards the end, and I wished I spent more time with the sketch.

And lastly, I needed to measure everything out before I began using my X-acto knife.  I can't tell you how often I had to re-do something because I didn't take the time to measure it first.

So, there you have it, folks.  It's still a learning process for me when it comes to paper.  But in the end, the cabin was not a complete, snow-covered disaster.  In fact, I'm happy to have learned these lessons.  I'm now even more confident that I will be able to create better paper illustrations for another day. :)