Roar! Talking to a Titanosaur

It sure has been a crazy (but awesome!) couple of months for me and my illustration work. I haven't even had the time to share all of the cool things that I've been working on, but you can see Bruno, the cute little guy I've created for the American Museum of Natural History's Ology site!


Lucky, Bruno!  He get's to interview one of the largest dinosaurs ever found, the Titanosaur, that's on exhibit in New York at one of the largest museums in the world.  And yes, it's that pretty cool museum based on the movie, Night at the Museum!

But other than drawing like a maniac, I'm trying to make sure to keep up to date with posting on social media that way I'm not M.I.A for weeks.  :/  So even though its still going to be a busy couple of months ahead, I'm going to try to make sure I post monthly for you guys. :)